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Why Takai Mine?

When deciding on a place to practice Martial Arts,
please consider these indications of a good program.
A knowledgeable instructor, experience in both training and teaching, teaching a variety of age groups, not just a sales & marketing person, but a true TEACHER OF MARTIAL ARTS.

Takai Mine: Master Chavez is a long time veteran of the martial arts with over 35 years of experience. She started Takai Mine Karate/ Tae Kwon Do in 1985, and has been fortunate to be able to teach Martial Arts as her full time job. She holds the rank of 6th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do (Dan) and is Kukkiwon certified in Korea. She holds the rank of 3rd level red shirt in Escrima under Grandmaster Dan Medina. She is a very well-known competitor and a very sought after instructor. View a list of our school's black belts. Master Chavez enjoys working with both children and adult. She has worked many years with ADD, HAD, and even several autistic children and adults.
Some students travel over 130 miles each way to train with Master Chavez. She has also been AAU District Chair since 2003, and Regional Chair since 2012. Her classes are popular because there is a class for every member of the family.
What do you hear about it, what do you hear? Sometimes bad things are not always bad and vice versa. Check out what you hear. Has the school had a track record of success with it's students? How long has the school been open? Do they have a long-term track record? Are they likely to be in business two or three years from now? Are they dedicated to teaching the art?

Takai Mine Karate Tae Kwon Do opened its doors in 1985 and it has been open since then. Since its conception, it has never closed its doors, and it has grown to be one of the great schools NM has to offer that is dedicated to teaching Martial Arts to individuals of all fitness levels and to individuals of every age with their youngest students being 4 to its oldest being 65. It has a great long-term track record and now is located in a facility specifically designed for Martial Arts Training.
Are you able to approach them with questions or concerns. Questions are always answered to satisfaction.

Takai Mine: All the staff at Takai Mine pride themselves in being very approachable for questions by students or parents. We allow 10 minutes between classes so that parents or students can ask any questions that may arrise. The parents are always encouraged to get involved with the school in as many ways as they would like. Many parents eventually join Takai Mine when they see how family oriented the program can be.
Master Chavez can be emailed any time if their are questions or concerns about any of our classes or programs.
Are the students enjoying themselves? Are they having fun while learning?

Takai Mine: TMK's students learn respect, honesty, self-discipline, self-defense, trust, and physical fitness all in an environment that is fun. Check out our Summer Camp Gallery and judge for yourself

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