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Brandon Jordon

With over 25 years of practice and experience Professor Jordan has developed an evolved martial art practice that is challenging and rewarding to learn. Mandala Mandirigma stems from and teaches arts such as Majapai Derobio, KunTao, Arnis 63 Generals, Sikaran, Silat, BaGua and self-healing, while still expressing a unique distinction from the parent arts.



Self defense for women and men including weapons, multiple opponents, empty hand techniques and much more Based on the fighting arts of Kali, Arnis, Derobio Escrima, Sikaran, and Black Masters Sphinx Karate.


Albuquerque Private School
Sunset Mesa students participate in a broad range of intellectual, artistic, and physical activities. They are challenged to become productive, responsible, and Blue Ribbon School Award - Sunset Mesa Schoolscaring people by learning sound values, compassion, and ethical behavior. It is our purpose to give children a strong foundation upon which to build their future educational and life experiences -- an investment which will pay interest for a lifetime.


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